954 W. Belmont, Chicago
store 30th anniversary




Wednesday, May 6
Dixie Wins A Talent Show 9pm
A talent show hosted by Dixie Lynn Cartwright where the audience decides who wins second and third place.

Contestants include: Katerina, Marissa Druzbanski, Joan Waters, Geraldine Mackey, Amy Eisenberg

And returning champ, Alexis Bevels.

Photos by MarisaKM.com

Followed by
Human Jukebox  with DJ Boy Alberto of [ synthetic ]

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ab fab lqqks  

Thursday, May 7

Stardust Presents:
Ab Fab LQQKs
Nico, Miztress Vana, Queerella Fistalot, Lucy Stoole, Trannika Rex
with DJs:
jxnvljgwrz ([X]P, Unicorn Florida)

RSVP for no cover till 11pm

Photos by: Kater Jayne Photography

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wax trax  

Friday, May 8

Wax Trax!
Records Night

Celebrating music+video from Chicago's legendary Wax Trax! Records + classic releases from Nettwerk, & Mute labels 10pm-2:00am with DJ Greg Haus & Jena Max.

Followed by

electronica/indie-alternative music & video dance party til 4am.

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drag matinee  

Saturday, May 9
Drag Matinee 10 pm
Hosted by Trannika Rex

Eddie Couture, Miranda Kherr, Shalease, Valentine, Kim Chi

Pre show:

Dara Kailove, Olyve Gardyn, Ashley Malone, Oola La

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Followed by

with DJ Larissa


Sunday, May 10
GLO: Int'l Dance Party
Dancefloor Fillers from the 90s/00s/NOW!
With Resident DJ Gabriel (GLORadio.net) & DJ Adam El (Sixteen Candles)
Hostess: Lucy Stoole

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depeche mode  

Sunday, May 24

Memorial Day Eve

Master & Servant:
A Depeche Mode dance party

DJ Greg Haus mixes music & video by one of the biggest electronic bands of all time 9pm-2:00am

Dance to the all your Berlin favorites until 4am.

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