954 W. Belmont, Chicago
store 30th anniversary





Wednesday, Nov. 26

Thanksgiving Eve
Depeche Mode / New Order: A Multimedia Mixdown
Featuring music & video by 2 of our favorite bands 10pm-2am

With guest DJ Kamar & Berlin's DJ Greg Haus.

Followed by the best of Berlin until 4am.

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Vertical Side Show  

Friday, Nov. 28
The Vertical Side Show 11pm
We control the vertical and the horizontal.
An acrobatic burlesque cabaret.
With Ray Gunn, Bazuka Joe, Rob Racine, Jeez Loueez, Agnhell, Alexis Bevel, Dalhia Fatale
and Lou Lou LaVoie

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Followed by
Cosmix Fridays with DJ Greg Haus
Electronica/indie-alternative dance party til 4am

Saturday, Nov. 29

drag matinee





Drag Matinee
Hosted by Trannika Rex
Trixie Mattel, Kelly Lauren, Monique Moyet, Kim Chi

Pre show: 10 pm
Betti Kyle, Oola La, O'Laysia

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Followed by

TWISTED with DJ Larissa

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Sunday, Nov. 30
DJ Peroxide and DJ Greg Haus play Ethereal, dreampop, shoegaze, goth, darkwave, post-punk, coldwave, new wave & more until 4am.
Hostess: Ruby Dee
No cover charge.

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Thursday, Dec. 4

Stardust Presents:
Santa baby LQQKs by:
Lucy Stoole, Sissy Spastik, JoJo Baby, Red Rum, Nico , Kurri, Valentine
With DJs:
[X]P, Unicorn Florida (Witch Hazel)
RSVP for no cover till 11pm
Photos by: Kater Jayne Photography

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Friday, Dec. 5

Creature Feature: Krampus 10pm-1:30am.
with guest DJ Peter Propaganda & resident DJ Greg Haus

Performance by host Jojo Baby

Followed by
electronica/indie-alternative dance party til 4am

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Sunday, Dec. 7

From DJ Riley York
All Madonna music, music video and remixes

Commemorative T-Shirt Giveaway

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Wednesday, Dec. 10
Piss & Vinegar Comedy Show 9pm
Hosted by Adam Guerino and Trannika Rex
Featuring Candy Lawrence, The Puterbaugh Sisterz, Natalie Jose, Mike Lebowitz,, Joseph William Reese.

Followed by
Shameless: An Empowered Dance Party
with DJs Butch Sassidy The Come Dance Kid, and Josie Bush.

Hosts will proudly wear names they have been called on their shirts and dance off any shame they may have had.

Guests are invited to make a t shirt but everyone is welcome.

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daft punk  

Friday, Dec. 12

Cosmix Presents
Daft Punk: A Multimedia Mixdown
All Daft Punk & related projects 10pm-1:00am
DJ Greg Haus & special set with live vocals by DJ Adam El (Sixteen Candles)

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Followed by

electronica/indie-alternative dance party til 4am


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